What is this about?

How do you hide a dollar from a Neurosurgeon?

You tape it to his/her kid’s forehead.

Neurosurgeons have no life. Neurosurgeons lack warmth. Why/who would ever want to be one?

It takes 7 years of grueling, unforgiving training after medical school to (hopefully) become a full-fledged Neurosurgeon….so for me 2015 through 2022 is more or less fully booked. My goal with this blog is neither to boast nor to vent. Although I disagree with the common misconceptions above I recognize that stereotypes are not without their hidden truths.

And to be perfectly honest, I’m fairly nervous about what lies ahead.

My main goal for writing here is to shed some light on what goes into making a Neurosurgeon from a primary source — I fully intend to reflect on what I do, see, and feel for the next 7 years. I hope it can provide insight into a field of Medicine that most (including myself) know little about. There is a personal agenda for me of course. As someone who entered medical school with the intent to have a life (go figure) and to champion the intangible, humanistic aspects of Medicine….I am also hoping this outlet serves as a kind of shield against the stress and burnout that can occur during Residency Training. I expect it will be therapeutic for me to see where I started and how I progress. In the end it would be great to prove that the joke above is purely in jest.

7 years. Neurosurgery or bust.


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